Mishcon de Reya ‘hounded’ Maltese journalist before murder

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Jun 05, 2018

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Nicholas D Hart 15 days ago

I am sorry to see Mishcon's still getting plaudits for the disastrous outcome of the Gina Miller case. Disastrous for the Remainer case, that is. By failing to respond to the Government lawyers' tactics of not using their three strongest arguments on the main strand (Parliament to authorise Article 50) they allowed Mrs May to restrict the ensuing legislation to a single clause Article 50 authority. Had the Government won this point, it is doubtful the Article 50 notice would ever have been served - between the Lords and the Commons they would still be arguing about the contents of such a bill, and Theresa May would have had to have been incredibly courageous to go ahead on Crown prerogative alone, even though the Ponsonby protocol would have allowed her to do so. The ease with which the government team swatted aside the other 3 elements of the case (the rights of the devolved governments to veto the notice) proves the point, IMHOP.