Bar training cash cow must be killed

With graduates far outstripping pupillage places, regulators must slash the size of their courses, writes Daniel Kessler

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May 18, 2018

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Elizabeth C 6 days ago

Interesting read and I completely agree that the educational requirement to do the course should be limited to a 2:1. However, regarding the issue of the type of students who get pupillage. I do not think the issue is primarily the fact that minorities do not get pupillage but the fact that those who do most often have an oxbridge education. So I am interested in knowing the educational background of the 50% minorities mentioned in this post as having attained pupillage.

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Sadly, but understandably, this article is skewed towards those who wish to practice commercial law. 

The vast majority of those who wish to practice crime will not have a pupillage before starting the BPTC. Success at the criminal bar depends less on your first class degree and more on your ability to interact with people. There are lots of great criminal barristers with 2:2s, should these people be shut out?

The fact is that taking the course is a gamble. Applicants are all grown ups, as long as they’re made aware of the risks, then they should crack on. I do, however, agree with a split course. Pass the cheaper knowledge based bit, and you can continue to the advocacy part.