Legal profession recruitment booming despite Brexit

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Nov 14, 2017
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Though firms plan to interview for new roles next year, many are worried about a skills shortage

As many as two thirds of legal profession employers in the UK are planning on recruiting staff despite concerns about Britain’s departure from the EU, researchers revealed yesterday.

Figures showed that on average salaries across the profession – including qualified and unqualified staff – rose by 1.7 per cent last year. For the most part, salaries kept slightly ahead of inflation, which rose from 0.4 per cent in January 2016 to 1.7 per cent by the end of the year. However, it is now about 3 per cent.

The survey of 550 employers and employees in the legal profession found that 65 per cent of businesses were planning to hire staff over the next year. Nearly 55 per cent expected business activity to increase.

However, 52 per cent claimed that a skills shortage was having a negative impact on productivity. According to the researchers at Hays, a recruitment agency, many employers argued that they “do not have the talent to achieve business objectives”. 

Yvonne Smyth, the director of Hays Legal, claimed that unless skills shortages were addressed, employers would face mounting issues around “growth, productivity and employee morale”. “Employees are feeling the pressure, salary dissatisfaction is fuelling the discontent and careers are being stifled,” she said.

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Michael Hocken 7 months ago

Or perhaps even because of Brexit, as the realisation dawns that the Government risks dumping us in it without a deal? In the run-up to withdrawal, and especially thereafter, solid legal advice will be essential, and there is a whole new area of expertise to be carved out.