Ex-diplomat warns Trump against ditching Iran nuclear deal

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Oct 11, 2017
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The deal with President Rouhani of Iran was struck in 2015


A lawyer and former senior US diplomat has warned the Trump administration that removing Washington’s support for the Iran nuclear arms agreement will be an “own goal”.

Andrew Keller, who is an international trade and regulation partner in the Washington DC office of the transatlantic law firm Hogan Lovells, said decertification of the deal that was struck in 2015 would be counterproductive at a time “when Iran is reportedly complying, and more and more businesses are engaging as a result of sanctions relief”.

Keller is a former US deputy assistant secretary of state for sanctions and counter threat finance. He went on to claim that the deal, which was agreed with the five permanent members of the UN security council plus Germany, “is basically working as we intended”.

Commentators in the US expect President Trump to announce later this week that he wants to renegotiate the terms of the accord. If that happened, said Keller, “sanctions may not ultimately be reimposed, but decertification will destabilise the deal for governments and businesses alike”.

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