Lawyers stare artificial intelligence in the eye

Ground-breaking research from The Times and Brief Premium has found that many law firms are already embracing revolutionary machine-learning techniques. We analyse the tools that will keep practices at the cutting edge

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Oct 12, 2017
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The vast majority of the UK’s top 100 law firms are either using artificial intelligence or assessing the technology, according to a ground-breaking survey.

And the research predicts that at the current rate of adoption the technology will soon be in use in two out of three of the UK’s leading legal practices, a remarkable figure given that just five years ago most lawyers would have scratched their heads at the mention of the term AI.

Such rapid change throws up many questions. Will the technology put lawyers out of work? Which areas of legal practice will be best served by artificial intelligence? And what are the best tools on the market?

The Brief’s report, Rise of the Robots: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Law, is written by the legal AI expert Richard Tromans. It examines the products and programs that are changing the way lawyers work and the types of software that are available.

Crucially, the report also outlines the barriers that are preventing some law firms from adopting the technology. And it features interviews with four of the law firms that are leading the way with AI.

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