Advantage Becker

If the tennis champion’s diplomatic immunity is confirmed by the courts he can claim victory, but they have taken a dim view of perceived abuses in recent years, Khawar Qureshi writes

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Jun 20, 2018

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Michael Hocken 23 days ago

Were I one of the world’s greatest ever tennis players, and had I been received in person on 26 April at the CAR’s Brussels Embassy not only by the CAR Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, but by the CAR President himself, and told that I had been officially appointed as Sporting, Humanitarian & Cultural Affairs Attaché for the CAR to the EU (and the very next day tweeted a splendid picture of myself shaking hands with the President in the Embassy, an event which no-one seems to have denied took place), I think I’d probably also have believed - especially after receiving a rather splendid diplomatic Laissez Passer from them (as officially confirmed by the Embassy to the FAZ on 17 June) - that this was a bona fide appointment.