Debate: Was Theresa May right to launch Syria airstrikes?

Two silks go head to head on whether military action against the Assad regime was legal under international law

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Apr 17, 2018

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Anthony Akiwumi 3 months ago

Circumventing the UN and Parliamentary processes mark the UK Gov's actions as unlawful. UK Gov's cherry picking of when and how it resorts to the UN Security Council is entirely manipulative. Opting out of a vote for authorisation as it did with Iraq underscores the vice previously mentioned. Indeed, there might be a case, in international law that by its action, the UK may itself have committed the crime of aggression. Finally, on the pretext as now known, UK Gov should, on principle, be intervening militarily in Yemen / and or applying the broadest sanction regime on all states that are participating in that catastrophy. Of course it will not so act for various reasons not least of which include that it is perfectly permissible / humane to deploy lethal "conventional" weaponry on civilians when we, UK Gov and UK PLC derive a commercial and strategic benefit. Sadly, we are all pockmarked by this utter hypocrisy.