The drugs law that banned coffee and black pepper

The ‘fantastically stupid’ Psychoactive Substances Act covers anything that stimulates the brain and affects mood, writes Patrick O’Connor, QC

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Feb 27, 2018

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Michael Hocken 3 months ago

it would be particularly interesting to read the judgment from HHJ Ader. Commenting in a vacuum is at best foolhardy. This but stresses the need for prompt and complete publication of court rulings, and of the directions given to the jury on the issue of direct and indirect action. But it is always disturbing to see what appears to be ill-thought through legislation rushed onto the statute books in defiance on expert opinion. Remind me who was the Home Secretary at the time...

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Robert Kaye 3 months ago

I would have thought a QC would be aware that the definition specifically exempts caffeine as well as anything ordinarily consumed as food or drink. So it is simply incorrect to say that coffee, bacon or pepper are covered by it.