Half of top law firm trainees are privately educated

The legal profession “fails to reflect the social make-up of our country”, researchers said

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Feb 15, 2018

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Bernard George 3 months ago

It is worth clarifying that 18% of school pupils over 16 attend private schools.

44% of students at Oxford went to private school. For Durham and Bristol the figure is around 40%.

By contrast De Montfort University has fewer than 3% of its students coming from private schools, and there are similar figures for Portsmouth, Lincoln and Solent for example.

It is a sad fact that the academic results achieved at private schools in the UK are, on average (and I stress, on average) far above those achieved in the state sector. It may be this, rather than poshness, which explains the recruitment stats.

Certainly when I used to recruit trainees into a City firm, I rarely knew if they had been privately educated or not. And "poshness" was certainly not what we were looking for.