Applying to exempt dangerous dog from destruction order

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Jan 31, 2018

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Michael Hocken 3 months ago

All very sensible. It’s good to see the various arms of the law playing their part appropriately and with regard both for the letter of the law and consequential outcomes. The Crown Court’s decision of a contingent order was especially elegant, even if it left other questions unanswered. 

But the Police were entirely right to seek to pin things down in terms of process, in particular as regards the proper point at which to determine who is effectively in charge of the dog and whether she is a fit and proper person, and thus enable the issue of an exemption certificate by the index. 

The dog’s owner would have done well to resolve these issues proactively once it became apparent that he was going to remain in Australia, and ought perhaps have clarified matters when first placing the dog in kennels, when the dog effectively left his care.