Taking silk: is it worth the £20,000 price tag?

The QC application process has been described as “sheer torture”, but almost 300 lawyers took the plunge last year. Catherine Baksi finds out whether it was time — and money — well spent

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Jan 17, 2018

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Tim Collins 4 months ago

I think there is a perception that because the QCA has to break even more are appointed now than previously and that can have an impact on the quality. Selection of assessors is critical to success and as in all decisions there is bias and if often comes down to the basics of: know, like and trust and with candidates being able to evidence excellence.

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Nick Rees 4 months ago

The time spent on the application is significant and of course eats in to billable time. So, with an average junior on 200/300 ph at the point of application, some considerably more, even with a conservative estimate of a solid week's work, this adds another 10-15k+ of costs to your estimate.