Breakfast panel debate: Tax crackdown – fairness and avoidance

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Nov 23, 2017
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Join us at the Times HQ for a panel debate on tax fairness and evasion

Multinational corporations and their tax affairs make the headlines. Whether they are allegedly using smoke and mirrors to reduce profits or basing operations in exotic offshore havens - the charge is that they are not paying their fair share.

That charge has also recently been levelled against a cavalcade of wealthy sportspeople, entertainers, rock and rollers and even monarchs - all of whom have been exposed as having complicated personal tax structures. But the “Paradise Papers” revelations are only the most recent tax scandal to hit the media.

In October, the EU ordered Amazon to pay €250 million in unpaid tax in a breath-taking display of zero tolerance. And the UK’s domestic net tightens on avoidance year on year: the Criminal Finances Act 2017 has made it an offence if businesses fail to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion. UK companies can now be prosecuted or subject to unlimited fines even where tax evasion is unknowingly committed. Legal advisers are also very much in the crosshairs of the crackdown legislation.

The rules tighten, but companies say they pay their fair share. Treating them as cash cows to be milked by zealous HMRC officials will create negative consequences for the rest of the economy. Fairness, or avoidance. What is the right balance?

To learn more about the tax crackdown, book your place at the debate, where speakers include:

  • Sir Edward Garnier, QC, former solicitor-general
  • Malcolm Gammie, QC, tax barrister at One Essex Court
  • Dame Margaret Hodge MP, former chairwoman of the House of Commons public accounts committee
  • Christopher Groves, tax partner at the City of London law firm Withers
  • Alexi Mostrous, head of investigations at The Times

Monday, December 4 2017
8am to 10am

News UK
1 London Bridge Street

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