State has to clean up when cohabiting relationships fail

In the second of our series as part of The Times campaign for divorce law reform, Katharine Landells argues that cohabiting couples need greater protection

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Nov 20, 2017

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Jeremy Ornstin 6 months ago

I dont think the State can endlessly protects individuals and families in the multiplicity of thr relationships they create during the course of their lives. The increasing fluidity of  relationships tbat were once thought to be permanent will lead to just more but different injustices and complexity. What would be effect of, say,  the granting of property rights on the children of in married  couples, when one or both of them had children from previous 'married' relationships. The law is quite simple as it is, and requires individuals to apply just a modicum of thought. If you want legal protection then organise your affairs within one of the legally recognised institutions. If one or other doesn't fancy it, then put up with it, or get out of the relationship. It puts the onus of choice where it should be: consenting adults. All else is infantalising. People just need to inform themselves. It's not rocket science