Refugee charity to appeal Dubs amendment ruling

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Nov 03, 2017
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The UK has only accepted 480 asylum-seeking children under the Dubs amendment

Dar Yasin/AP

A charity is to appeal a High Court ruling that the government’s approach to the number of child refugees that are allowed to enter the UK is “sound”.

Campaigners at Help Refugees had argued that the government should allow more unaccompanied children into the country.

So far ministers have allowed entry to only 480 asylum-seeking children under the so-called Dubs amendment to the Immigration Act 2016.

Lord Justice Treacy and Mr Justice Ouseley dismissed the arguments, saying that “having considered the criticisms made as to the requirements for a fair consultation we are not persuaded that the claimant's case is made out”.

However, lawyers for the charity immediately lodged an application for leave to appeal.

Rosa Curling, a lawyer at the London law firm Leigh Day, which represents Help Refugees, argued that the litigation had “already brought about very significant advances”.

She claimed that 130 places for vulnerable children had been added “as the direct result of this litigation. The government was also forced to accept that the children to be transferred under the Dubs amendment were additional to the children the government already had to transfer under EU law.”

The charity believed “that the way in which the Dubs amendment has been implemented is seriously defective”, she said.

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