£115,000 for woman hurt by friend’s dog

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Nov 02, 2017
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Kay Benstead was pulled off her feet by a three-year-old German shepherd

A woman who broke her hip and arm when her friend's three-year-old alsatian pulled her off her feet has been awarded £115,000 damages from its owner. 

Kay Benstead, 60, a social worker, was injured as she was pulled over by the three-year-old dog, Lily, in 2012. Her friend Anne Finnie, 76, had handed her the lead while she bought drinks. 

Benstead, who was walking her own dog, blamed Finnie over the incident in Trent Park, north London, and took her to court this week. She claimed that her consent to hold the lead had not been asked for, nor given, and that if she had been asked to take the dog she would have refused. 

Yesterday a judge found that Finnie had been negligent in handling the dog and ordered her to pay her friend damages. Judge Peter Wulwick said that Finnie should have known that the "young, large and lively" German shepherd might injure her more dog-wary friend when she handed it over.

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