Wales creeps closer to separate legal system

As the Welsh assembly gains more power, the arguments for a distinct jurisdiction become stronger

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Oct 26, 2017

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Huw Pritchard 6 months ago

Lord Thomas gave a lecture in Cardiff in October which reflected on the legal history of Wales and his own views on the upcoming work of the Commission on Justice in Wales (The Past and the Future of Law in Wales). The full transcript and video are now available from the Wales Governance Centre (Cardiff University) website:

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David Hughes 6 months ago

A number of lawyers practising in Wales put our names to a pamphlet calling for a Welsh jurisdiction in September 2015. It was launched at the Assembly, hosted by David Melding AM, and the foreword was written by a retired High Court Judge. Why is it that the English-based media doesn't engage with those of us who wrote the pamphlet?

Here's a link to it: