Judge warns of recruitment crisis on employment tribunal bench

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Oct 20, 2017
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Employment tribunals are missing targets for hearing cases, according to Judge Brian Doyle

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More than half a dozen employment tribunal judges are leaving the bench a year and not being replaced, the head of the court has said amid concerns over a mounting recruitment crisis.

Judge Brian Doyle, president of the employment tribunals, warned of a growing trend in which five or six full-time salaried judges retired each year without replacement.  

He said that a similar number of fee-paid judges and non-legal members of the tribunal were also leaving annually and not being replaced.

Judge Doyle was speaking in June at a meeting of the national user group for the employment tribunals, the minutes of which have just been published. He told the meeting that despite the attrition of judges, there were no recruitment exercises planned.

The user group meeting was also told that the employment tribunals were struggling to meet their targets for hearing cases. The target for the disposal of standard claims is 20 weeks, but the average achieved by the tribunals was 29 weeks.

However, judges themselves were performing better, producing rulings in an average of 21 days, well within the target of 28 days. 

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