Bar shuts out the kids

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Oct 13, 2017
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Barrister mothers have got it pretty tough these days. Not only does the government want to extend court sitting hours so that they will have to appear in court until about mid-night, now they will not have anywhere to park their children during those late-night sittings.

The Bar Council confirmed yesterday that a nursery scheme in London is no longer able to take additional barrister progeny because it is over-subscribed. Since 2013, the Bar has organised a deal for barrister parents with a nursery near the Smithfield meat market in the City of London. It offered special rates to barristers with children aged two months to five years.

However, the nursery is full up. A similar deal for barrister parents in Leeds is still running, but that is a bit of a long run for barristers practising in the capital.

A spokesman said the Bar Council was “exploring other ways to support barristers with childcare responsibilities”.

Rumpo of the Old Bailey

Further to our titbit yesterday on plans to stop forcing prospective barristers to go through the gauntlet of inns of court dining before being called to the Bar, The Brief’s colleagues on the TMS diary highlighted that Middle Temple is renowned for imposing the “toughest dining test”.

It is understood that the powers that be at the inn would lock the doors on the dining hall until after the second grace. Bad news for barristers and pupils with weak bladders.

Some would discreetly fill a wine bottle but a more civilised approach was to pass a note to the top table which read in Latin: “Domine, rumpo.” Translation: “Master, I’m bursting.”

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