Small law firms ‘wasting money on outdated marketing’

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Sep 20, 2017
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Most small legal practices still use print advertising despite knowing it to be ineffective

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High street law firms are wasting money on marketing strategies that they know are ineffective, a report has claimed.

Practices persist with campaigns including events, print advertising and word-of-mouth, despite their own experience showing that they are ineffective, a survey of 100 firms found.

The three tactics seen as the most effective, website marketing, social media and paid search results, were partly ignored by many of the small firms – defined as having an annual turnover below £25 million.

Digital activity, such as website marketing and search engine optimisation, was viewed as the most effective tactic, used by 92 per cent of those responsible for marketing smaller firms.

However, despite social media engagement and paid search being seen as the second and third most effective marketing tactics, less than 50 per cent of those interviewed used them on a regular basis.

Most of the law firms surveyed used print advertising, yet only 7 per cent cited it as one of their most effective marketing tactics, while nearly 40 per cent said it was not an important strategy.

The report from IRN Research claimed that law firms in England and Wales spent more than £50 million in total on print advertising over the past five years.

“At a time of ever-greater sophistication in marketing, too many law firms are relying on tactics that may have worked ten years ago but no longer deliver results in the digital age,” said Qamar Anwar, the managing director of First4Lawyers, the law firm “marketing collective” that commissioned the research.

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