Lord Janner’s QC son calls for review of remaining complaints

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Sep 04, 2017
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Daniel Janner, QC, right, argues that there has been a 'witch hunt' against his father, left

Chris Harris for The Times

The son of the late Lord Janner is calling for the inquiry into child sex abuse to review the status of three remaining complainants against his father, with the vast majority having dropped out.
Daniel Janner, QC, said that when the inquiry started, 33 people were granted “core participant” status based on their complaints that as children, before 1988, they were assaulted by Lord Janner.
Each of the 33 complainants was also proposing to bring civil claims to try to recover damages, he said. However, by the end of February this year, only nine complainants had issued proceedings, of which three were defective and were struck out, he said, with the other six having been voluntarily discontinued.
Additional complainants then sent “purported letters of claim”, of which ten decided not to proceed and the other three failed to respond to requests to be part of preliminary proceedings started in the Chancery Division.

Janner has written to the Alexis Jay, who is chairing the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, saying that it is “now too late to bring forward claims against the estate before it is distributed by the executors” because the deadline set for potential creditors to give notice has expired. “Consequently, there are no civil claims being pursued directly against the estate.”
Janner argues that a “witchhunt” has been waged against his late father, “who never had the chance to defend himself against these false allegations”. He says he will continue his fight against the inquiry with its 220 lawyers “with all our strength, knowing we have justice on side”.

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