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Aug 21, 2017
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The Times Law Reports are definitive records of significant judgments and are the only newspaper reports that can be cited as such in court. They are universally acknowledged for their quality and authority, cover every branch of the law and come from a wide range of jurisdictions.

Our archive goes back to 1884, and can be accessed digitally back to 1990.

We are considering adding access to the Times Law Report archive as part of your Brief Premium subscription.

To register your interest in this idea please click the recommend (thumbs up) icon at the bottom of this article. Please use the comments field below to provide your further thoughts or suggestions on how you might like this to work. We are particularly interested to know if there are any specific periods of law reports or types of cases you are interested in.

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Toby Hooper 9 months ago

Good idea. Would be useful for those like me who have had but no longer have easy access to Law Reports, All ER, et al. Particularly useful for ready reference to headnotes. I suggest start with all SC / HoL and public law and crime only from CA from, say, 2000, to assess response. Toby Hooper QC, retired Circuit Judge, Worcester.

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Richard Priestley 9 months ago

Yes, good idea, providing this is not an excuse to raise the subscription price. THAT would offend my Yorkshire sensibilites.

Go to the profile of New Subscriber Ramcharan Meena

It is a very good idea. Readers may learn how the English law evolved and influenced the modern world in the legal field. Even, today half of the world is following British law. The judgements of the House of Lords and the Privy Council are highly valued and respected around the globe.