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Aug 04, 2017
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Bloke-ish trainee lawyers, football and modern communication tools – something was bound to go wrong, and it did.

A trainee at Linklaters, the City of London “magic circle” law firm, became a bit carried away in his internal email correspondence as he drummed up interest in a firm game of football. The website Roll on Friday reports that the anonymous trainee invited six fellow aspiring City solicitors at the firm to play “footie AVEC LA LADZZ”. He went on to promise a post-game “team breakfast with macho banter”, before entertainingly suggesting that they “bring back dick of the week”. 

Whatever that intriguing competition might involve, the relevant part of this tale is that the trainee inadvertently copied in a seventh recipient – his female supervisor at the firm. More jolly bants ensued between the wannabe Beckhams for another 20 minutes – all of which the supervisor was privy to – before she could hold her tongue no longer. “Footie AVEC LE LADZZ not really my bag but thanks for asking,” she finally replied.

It could have been so much worse.

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