Grieve bemoans Henry VIII’s rise from the grave

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Jul 25, 2017
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Powers named after the Tudor king are one of the biggest legal controversies of Brexit

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There has been much heated language over the UK’s vote to leave the EU but Dominic Grieve, QC, the former attorney-general, has been one of the cooler heads, despite being a passionate “remainer”.

However, Peter Cruickshank reports, even Grieve has begun to ramp up the rhetoric, taking to the podium at last weekend’s Administrative Law Bar Association annual conference in London to describe Brexit as “a revolutionary act”. In a keynote address to the meeting, Grieve said the government’s repeal bill was “one of the biggest arrogations of the power of the state set out in statute”. 

A principal concern for the former AG was that the effective conversion of EU legislation into domestic law “can only be done by massive implementation of Henry VIII clauses”. It seems a Tudor monarch who died 470 years ago and whom most school children associate with an animosity to the Pope, decapitating his wives and a large ginger beard is becoming the biggest legal bête noire of the Brexit process.

Clyde & Co goes (further) west

Before you know it, partners at Clyde & Co, the ever-so-English law firm founded in the Square Mile in 1933 by a chap called Richard Arthur Clyde (imagine the bowler hat and tightly furled umbrella), will be using expressions like: “That’s really bodacious, dude.”

It is not just that the traditional maritime law firm – that now earns most of its crust from insurance – has opened an office in the shadow of the Hollywood sign. The LA unveiling is the fourth in 12 months Stateside and ninth overall. So in love with Americana is Clyde & Co, that in its statement announcing the opening in southern California, it referred to itself as a “US and international law firm”.

Have a nice day, Clyde.

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