Missing hyphen causes anger

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Jul 13, 2017
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The perils of forgetting to insert a hyphen were highlighted when promotional material for the Temple Women’s Forum recent annual networking event was beset by an unfortunate typographical error (Linda Tsang reports).

On the forum’s website promoting its next event, an inadvertent – but perhaps tellingly accurate – missing hyphen meant it was described as “cross profession garden party”.

To be fair, that description could be seen as being rather well-timed given the imminent announcement of whether Baroness Hale of Richmond, the deputy president of the Supreme Court, will be promoted to the top slot on UK’s highest bench. There is also speculation that two other women judges might be elevated to the court. 

If that happens then Lady Hale would not have to be the only woman on the bench as she presided over eleven men, which would result in at least in half the profession being less cross.

Going to the gym gets you injured, injury lawyers say

Slightly more than 40 per cent of the British public has come a-cropper with a gym injury while attempting to shed weight, research by lawyers has shown as people around the country try to get fit for the summer holiday season.

Most of the injuries were minor but the study by the Hampshire law firm Hayward Baker, a specialist personal injury practice, found that 12 per cent of the British population has sought medical treatment for an exercise-related problem. Researchers claimed that nearly 10 per cent of those pounding the treadmill and pumping the iron carried on exercising despite being in “excruciating pain”.

The Brief recommends: stay down the pub and wear a t-shirt on the beach.

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