Blue sky vision at A&O and Clyde & Co

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Jul 12, 2017
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Just when you thought the legal profession could not become any more jargon-heavy, along comes the delightful phrase “data visualisation”.

The uninitiated may well scratch their heads but that little gem will soon be tripping off the tongues of all senior law firm business development executives. We know that because the publication that claims to have invented the phrase “magic circle” for the City of London elite law firms, The Lawyer, is backing the new term.

The phrase has risen to the top of the flotsam and jetsam of verbal rubbish spewed out by law firms in the recent spate of financial reports. The publication points out that two prominent firms – Allen & Overy (one of that magic circle crowd) and Clyde & Co – spiced up their annual reports this year by “beginning to embrace data visualisation as part of their communication strategies”.

What “data visualisation” actually means, however, is something of a disappointment. The simple answer is that A&O and Clyde & Co had the amazing inspiration to include a few graphs in their otherwise text-laden and dull financial reports.

Interestingly, both sets of graphs were blue – although Clyde & Co was more blue. There’s probably a doctoral thesis to be had in that.

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