Extending court hours would be a disaster for female barristers

Courts Service proposals are an attempt to save money but the toll on diversity is too high

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Jul 10, 2017

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Judith Gardinet 11 months ago

And it's not just Lawyers who will be discriminated it's all the the other Court and Probation Staff who will be forced into shift working to service the Courts. You can bet that once it becomes the new normal there will be little in the way of extra pay for unsocial hours as new contracts will be unilaterally imposed.

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Chris Hugill 11 months ago

 Andrew makes a very good point.   It could be described as the law of unintended consequences. Ultimately we create barriers to access to the justice system as it will impact  on the bar, solicitors, staff and  most importantly of all litigants. We need also to be trying to get these points over to the public .

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Libby Earle 11 months ago

Not just female barristers; how will this impact on everyone's preparation?  Already evenings are taken up with prep for the next day, often for a trial,  at less than a day's notice. When is a barrister supposed to eat/sleep?  How does this serve justice?  If only the justice system was as politically sexy as the NHS...