Stop the epidemic of personal injury cold calls, Lords urged

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Jul 05, 2017
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According to a YouGov survey 67 per cent of Britons would support a ban on personal injury cold calls

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Parliament should legislate to stop the “epidemic” of cold calling by claims management companies that prey on personal injury victims, lawyers urged peers in advance of a House of Lords debate today.

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers told the Lords that the Financial Guidance and Claims Bill is a “missed opportunity to tackle the scourge of cold calling and spam texting”. Lawyers argue that claims management companies encourage people to make personal injury claims even when they are not injured. The association says that 51 million unsolicited calls and texts a year are made in the UK by claims management companies.

The lawyers pointed to a recent YouGov survey that found that 67 per cent of Britons would support a cold calling ban.

“Insurers’ representatives have recently agreed to the need for a ban,” said Brett Dixon, the association’s president, who pointed out that there “was even a commitment in the Conservative party election manifesto to consider a ban. Yet this bill falls short in delivering what is really needed”.

Dixon pointed out that solicitors are banned from cold calling for personal injury work. “Cold calling exploits vulnerable people,” he said. “It is tasteless and intrusive and generates a false perception that obtaining compensation is easy, even when there is no injury.”

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