NHS contractor loses latest skirmish over gig economy workers

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Jun 28, 2017
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Couriers were wrongly classed as contractors, with fewer employment rights

Peter Nicholls/Reuters

A provider of pathology services to the NHS is understood to have admitted that it had wrongly classed its workers as independent contractors in another battle involving the so-called gig economy.

Officials at the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain claimed that The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) admitted in response to a tribunal claim that it was unlawfully employing five couriers as independent contractors rather than workers, denying them entitlement to some employment rights. The union has been at the forefront of gig-economy claims having forced a settlement in relation to a similar case involving Ecourier, a subsidiary of the Royal Mail, last month.

According to the union, the admission by TDL came in response to a claim brought on behalf of five of its members against the company.

Despite claiming to have obtained that admission from the business, the union said it would press ahead with demands that the Central Employment Tribunal go further and rule that the five couriers are employees.

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