1. Does my Times subscription allow me access to The Brief Premium?

No, you need to be a subscriber to The Brief Premium in order to get access to The Brief Premium’s exclusive journalism, intelligence and events.

2. How do I access The Brief Premium content?

Subscribing to one of the packages provides access to The Brief Premium platform of critical journalism, intelligence and events.

3. Can I access The Brief Premium with my Times log-in ?

No, once you have subscribed to The Brief Premium you will be given a separate log-in to your Times account.

4. Will one payment come out of my account?

No you will have a separate direct debit for The Brief Premium and for The Times. Your Brief Premium payment will be labelled ‘The Brief Premium’ on your bank account statement.

5. If I am a Brief newsletter subscriber will I get automatic access to The Brief Premium.

No, access to Premium content require you to sign-up to one of the Brief Premium packages. As a subscriber to The Brief newsletter you will get access to any non premium Brief content on the platform – but not to the Premium content which is restricted to Brief Premium subscribers only.

6. How do I cancel my Brief Premium subscription ?

You can cancel your subscription to The Brief Premium by getting in touch to one of The Brief Premium support channels. Should you wish to cancel your Times subscription you must contact the The Times Customer services on 0800 018 5177.

7. Can I cancel my Brief Premium subscription without my Times subscription?

Yes, you can contact The Brief Premium team to cancel your Brief Premium subscription and your Times subscription will continue and will be charged at the rate you signed-up at.