Rise of the Robots: Artificial intelligence and the future of law

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This report on the adoption of artificial intelligence by Britain’s leading legal practices is based on groundbreaking research from The Times

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What is legal AI?

From reading thousands of financial documents to predicting whether a case will be successful, technology can make lawyers’ lives easier

Spanners in the works

Although AI is making a rapid entry into the legal world, there are still many barriers to wide-scale implementation

Not the end of lawyers — yet

For now, most law firms see AI as a way of helping their staff rather than replacing them

Who are the main players?

There are too many providers to cover in detail in this report. Some of the leading companies are listed here, along with smaller startups vying to enter the British market

The results in full

Our survey of Britain’s top 100 law firms illustrates the extent to which AI is already being used in legal practice

What you'll learn

  • What is driving the adoption of this technology
  • What the greatest barriers to adoption at law firms are
  • Whether legal practices believe that using AI will trigger a drop in the recruitment of junior lawyers

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